April Steele

EMDR Consultant

I am now retired from client work but continue to offer consultation for therapists. In response to a need I saw in many of my clients, I became interested in directly addressing early deficits and attachment wounds, and developed Imaginal Nurturing, an approach which provides both a natural complement to EMDR and an attachment context for therapy. It supports the client in developing a new relationship with themselves in the present. My distance training, “Imaginal Nurturing, Ego States, and Attachment: An Integrated Approach to Early Deficits” (13 EMDRIA CEUs) is available at www.april-steele.ca. My book, ?Developing a Secure Self: An Attachment-based Approach to Adult Psychotherapy? is also available from my website.

, Gabriola, British Columbia, Canada, V0R 1X3

Phone: (250) 247-7932
Email: april@april-steele.ca

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Attachment Focussed
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Social Anxiety