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Resilience and you- Grace Lian

Grace had the privilege to study with expert psychologists in her Bachelors and had practicums in areas of aging, schizoprenia (and other severe mental illnesses) and learning challenges due to poverty, neglect or abuse. Upon graduation, she worked extensively with grief, stress management, anxiety, depression, abuse- domestic violence (men and women, psychological, financial, spiritual and physical), marriage enrichment, peace and conflict resolution. Later in her graduate work, she expanded her skills in assessment, evaluations and report writing with emphasis on forensic population and with children with learning challenges.
Her desire to learn and keep current in her training has lead her to being a certified EMDR therapist and Traumatologist.  She has also continued her education through training in DBT and ACT.  These trainings have complimented her work in mindfulness , CBT and narrative approach.
She is a member of the College of Psychotherapist in Ontario , EMDR Canada,, EMDRIA,  Akademie fuer Psychotherapie und Seelsorge and Dachverband Christlicher Seelsorger und Berater.
Grace Lian received her Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Waterloo.  Her Masters degree in Divinity with specialization in Marriage and Family Counselling is from Tyndale University and Seminary. Later after starting her family of three children, she had the opportunity to returned back to school to complete her Doctorate of Ministry in Cross-Cultural Studies at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with her Thesis on Faith based interventions for Conversion disorder (Functional Neurological Syndrome).  In her graduate work , she had the opportunity to work in addictions, prisons , hospitals and with diverse populations (all religions, faith traditions, various ethnicities, sexual orientations, life threatening disease-AIDS in various countries, to name a few India, Jamaica, Tanzania, Germany , Malaysia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia , USA.

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Critical Illness
Grief & Bereavement
Medical Trauma
Panic Attacks
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Social Anxiety