Jeannine Burnes

EMDR Certified Therapist

Willowbrook Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Having worked as a homeless persons counsellor for 14 years in England and Australia, specialising in trauma, supporting women, men and teenagers; I am passionate about helping people to grow, heal and achieve their best life. My understanding of the impact of mental health on total wellness has informed my holistic approach to my practice. I offer a safe and confidential space for people wounded by life to enable them to process and resolve painful experiences which have impacted their quality of life.
I am humbled by the openness and willingness of clients to bring their challenges out into the light and seek help, this takes courage and I recognise that. I believe that everyone has the capacity to bring about change in their life, to heal and grow. Implementing positive lasting change which will impact on their relationships, work and communities.
Travelling and living in Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East (and now North America!), has offered a unique understanding that enables me to remove the walls of the boxes that people put themselves in; I see you. Having a broad spectrum of experience has given me my humanity, compassion and unique understanding.
I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. My academic credentials include a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor of Social Science Psychology Major.

15600 Nelson St , Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, V0H1Z6

Phone: (+1) 250 448 1911

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How EMDR is Offered:

Both online and in-person

Areas of Expertise:

Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse