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Jo-Anne Beggs CSW RSW Counseling & Clinical Services

I became a Certified EMDR Therapist in 1999! I’ve practiced in agency settings, with adolescents and adults and in the past ten years EMDR has become the cornerstone of my private practice. As a trauma therapist, I experience daily the fact that EMDR is a truly invaluable and effective tool by which people can resolve old and new disturbing events, or “traumas” for those who identify with the term. When we struggle with traumas/disturbing events, PTSD, etc, we can feel like there is no hope, no way out. It’s frightening and discouraging. “Regular” therapy often doesn’t bring significant, true, lasting relief from our pain. Freedom and peace of mind ARE possible and EMDR is a recognized practice by which to achieve that freedom. I have personally, during my certification training and in the aftermath of personal traumas, used EMDR and can attest to how effective it is in resolving the emotional, mental and behavioural effects of trauma. As a Certified EMDR Therapist, I practice Standard Protocol in adherence with best practices, research based protocols, best outcomes and for your safety. In accordance with EMDRIA requirements, I maintain continuing education to maintain my status. I also practiced full-mode Intensive DBT for thirteen years, as a founding member/creator of an outpatient program for adolescents and parent/figures and later with adults in a specialized Mental Health/Trauma and Addiction Program, a key therapy being EDMR. I served several years as an Adjunct Professor in a Master’s Social Work Program. It was my honour to have been chosen to be the agency representative to the American Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health Responder, deployed to New York City in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. I have a personal interest in developing supports for family caregivers to loved ones and in Longterm Care and/or hospitalizations, and frontline workers in healthcare systems, so often exposed to acute stress and trauma. I bring 26 years of experience to my private practice, and EMDR to you. I welcome your call and invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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Critical Illness
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Medical Trauma
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