John P. Kennedy

EMDR Basic Training

With two associates, I founded Psychologie Quebec in 1972. In addition to my basic training in psychology, I chose the Gestalt approach as intervention model. I took training from Gestalt professionals from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and Gestalt Associates of Los Angeles. In 1981, I started training therapists in Gestalt Therapy. Always looking for effectiveness in my work, I got interested in EMDR in 2002, and took basic training with David Servan-Schreiber. Since then, I joined friends at more than forty trainings on EMDR themes . Presently half retired and hopefully wiser as time goes by, I still enjoy working with clients who look forrelief of traumas or for an opportunity to bring major changes to their life. I work two days a week and my interest is as strong as it was during the last 50 years.

302-1050 Raymond Casgrain , Quebec, Quebec, Canada, G1S 2E3

Phone: (418) 454-2441

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Grief & Bereavement
Road Traffic Accidents
Sexual Abuse