Lori Borden

EMDR Basic Training

The Therapy Team

Lori Borden?s clinical focus has concentrated on working with trauma, domestic violence, abuse, first responders, addictions, marginalized and homeless populations, indigenous communities and complex mental health issues. She adopts an interpersonal neurobiological approach to psychotherapy and has extensive clinical experience working with the impact trauma has on individuals, families and communities.
Lori has vast experience providing psychotherapy to adults, youth and their parents in community and hospital based mental health systems. She has consulted in the design and implementation of mental health programs in addition to providing ongoing speaking engagements related to trauma informed practices. In times of community crisis, Lori has been called upon by media outlets to provide her perspectives. Lori also holds the position of adjunct lecturer in the Department of Youth and Child Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and often supervises students in their social work practice.

6D, 7398 Yonge St #646 , Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4J 8J2

Phone: (416) 4542323
Email: admin@thetherapyteam.ca

Population Served:

Both Adults and Children & Adolescents


How EMDR is Offered:

Both online and in-person

Areas of Expertise:

Attachment Focussed
Birth Trauma
EMDR Intensives
Grief & Bereavement
Medical Trauma
Panic Attacks
Physical Abuse
Road Traffic Accidents
Sexual Abuse
Social Anxiety