Marine de Freminville

EMDR Basic Training

member Order of Psychologists of Quebec

Biography M. de Freminville-December 2023

(Doing my best to write in English): I am a clinical psychologist in private practice, working mainly in French, in Montreal, as a member of Quebec Order of Psychologists (O.P.Q. 05218-89) since 1989 and a member of CRHSPP or RCPOSS from 1998 being a member of these Associations until now 2023. My field was humanistic Psychology referring to Carl Rogers and Eugene Gendlin Focusing -Oriented Psychology. Then I added a variety of trainings through the years, using EMDR, in particular, since my training in 2003. with David Servan-Schreiber then with Jacques Roques, Dr. Philip Manfield, David Grand, Roger Solomon, Philippe Gauvreau, Gerald Puk, George Abbott, D. Laliotis, etc. (You could see a pdf document on all my trainings and supervisions in EMDR, that I added to my 2 certificates requested.)
Since these last two years, unfortunately, my husband got severe health problems, so I am becoming more and more caregiver (proche aidante). That means that I reduced my clinical practice, working mainly (since Covid 19 pandemic) by Zoom until now. Even if, I am not taking so much new clients, I am interested to stay a Member of EMDR.

4894 avenue Isabella , MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, H3W1S5

Phone: (514) 341-9596

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Both English and French

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Grief & Bereavement