Priscilla Dudas

EMDR Basic Training

Balance From Within Psychotherapy and Consulting Ltd

Priscilla Dudas (MA, RCC)

I am a dedicated psychotherapist and counsellor with experience in providing compassionate, evidence-based therapeutic services to individuals and couples. Born in Europe, my extensive travels and residency in multiple countries have cultivated an open worldview and a deep understanding of different cultures, enhancing my cultural sensitivity to comprehend the challenges and recognize the strengths of various communities.
I am practicing at Balance From Within Psychotherapy in Victoria, offering counselling for adult individuals and couples. I specialize in helping clients navigate life transitions, address marriage and intimacy issues, and overcome immigration and acculturation difficulties.
I employ a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including concepts from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the Gottman Method, Gestalt therapy, and EMDR, tailoring my approach to each client’s unique needs.
Through EMDR I can assist individuals in desensitizing the impact of traumatic memories and reprocessing these memories in a way that integrates them more healthily into their current life. Through a structured eight-phase approach, EMDR helps reduce the emotional charge associated with negative experiences, leading to a more balanced emotional state and improved coping mechanisms. This therapeutic technique can be particularly effective for individuals struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and other trauma-related disorders, offering a path toward healing and personal growth. By focusing on the natural healing abilities of our mind I can support clients in experiencing faster relief from emotional pain and stepping into a future unburdened by past traumas.

Phone: 250-508-7178

Population Served:

Both Adults and Children & Adolescents


How EMDR is Offered:


Areas of Expertise:

Attachment Focussed
Grief & Bereavement
Panic Attacks
Physical Abuse
Road Traffic Accidents
Sexual Abuse
Social Anxiety