Sandra Pelka

EMDR Basic Training

I began my career as a social worker in 1990. My primary focus was a 30 year career in child welfare which provided continual opportunities to work with diverse communities experiencing issues including, but not limited to, poverty, abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, addictions and lack of resources. A common thread of people living with trauma led me to seek training and further education. Obtaining my MSW in 2000 and then branching out to begin a private practice in 2005, I continued my quest for expanding my knowledge and skill set to assist me in the provision of trauma-informed services. Before retiring from child welfare I completed my EMDR Basic Training in 2021 and have further training in ego state (Parts) work, somatic, polyvagal and attachment theories. I have extensive knowledge and experience in assisting people addressing life’s complexities and adversities. EMDR therapy adds a unique lens and resource to help people heal and lead more functional, fulfilled lives.

829 Ottawa St. , Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8X 2C7

Phone: (519) 999-3071

Population Served:



How EMDR is Offered:

Both online and in-person

Areas of Expertise:

Birth Trauma
Grief & Bereavement
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse