Violetta Przeworski

Tidal Trauma Centre

Welcome! It takes courage and strength to reach out for support. Maybe you’re here because you need someone to talk to you, or just need someone to listen. Or, maybe you’re here because there are parts of you that are getting in the way of the life you envisioned for yourself. Trauma is very good at keeping you in the past, and can stop you from recognizing who you are right now and who you might want to become in the future. Together, let’s re-create the story trauma constructed about you, and integrate a storyline that is meaningful and empowering.

I have extensive EMDR training, and I integrate a range of evidence-based and trauma-informed modalities into my clinical work, including principles of attachment theory and mindfulness practice. I believe that trauma can remain trapped in the body, and find that understanding how to work with tools other than talk therapy is hugely beneficial.

My hope as your counsellor is to help you “befriend your nervous system” (Dana, 2021). Creating this sense of safety is at the core of my practice, and is a role that I exercise with care and thoughtfulness. I look forward to working alongside you, and all of the parts of you that have brought you to this very moment.

202-5780 176A Street , Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, V3S 6S6

Phone: (236) 516-9245

Population Served:



How EMDR is Offered:

Both online and in-person

Areas of Expertise:

Attachment Focussed
EMDR Intensives
Panic Attacks
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Social Anxiety